Lo-Bit Loopers / Beats & Sounddesign

LBL is a Beat-Producer

and multi-instrumental artist from Munich and known for producing experimental HipHop Beats with light melodies and heavy drums.

He released serveral instrumental albums and has worked with many Artists like Spax, Headtrick, Boshi San and many more.

With his productions LBL spreads nothing but the the joy of experimenting new sounds on known grooves.

LBL aka GreenInstruments is also known for Jingle-Productions and Sound-Designs for film and radioplay.

You are looking for exclusive or non-exclusive Beats, Mixing or Sound-Designs? Go to Contact and hit him up.


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 Horst Clooney - Up & Down (Official Video)

 LBL x Kabuff Clikk - Scheisse wird geregelt (Official Video)



Lo-Bit Loopers LP Vol.1 (2016)
TwoFace #1 (2016)
sleepy eyes and purple (2017)
Kontraste x SterilOne (2017)
Fragmente x SterilOne (2018)
frozen tundra filter tips (2018)
TwoFace #2 (2018)
Lo-Bit Loopers LP Vol.2 (2019)
day-old memories EP (2019)
Features and other productions


12.05.2019 Bahnwärther Thiel Munich (Support: Ferge x Fisherman)

30.05.2019 OPEN AIR - Lass Weng Flown x POSTPARTUM. Nürnberg

01.06.2019 Gold & Butter Beatgarten 2019 Nürnberg

22.06.2019 Blend Festival 2019

26.07.2019 Beatbaustelle Wintherthur, Schweiz

30.07.2019 Radio 8000 Beatset

References Sound-Design:, RTL, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Holysoft-Studios, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Hamburg

We cooperated with:

Labels: Keller Flavour, POSTPARTUM., Labohr, Nights like these Music, Vinyl Digital, HHV, DigginSack, Listening Pleasure, Heiße Luft, Greenery Force, 2 Zimmer Gefüge, Lacave Records, Holysoft-Studios, Durch Drauf Records, GrooveYard and many more..

Artists: Spax, Hansis Room, Brisk Fingaz, Headtrick, Pawcut, Dizzy, Sam und Max, Mr. Robinson, Mala Preta, C-Ras, D-Ras, Irocc, Boshi San, Emtec Original, Siggi, Ferge x Fisherman, Umme Block, dEnk, kkoma, Horst Clooney, Bipeula, Stockinger, ESC, Tirow, Laca, Kkorpus Delikkti, DSDNG, Kokee Thornton, David Lobitz, Meister Lampe, Siegfried Meier, SterilOne, PerQuist, Mister Jones, S-Trix, DJ Polar, MF Tom, Kabuff Clikk and many more.. 


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